All hunts are fair chase, both free range and Safari park hunts. The foliage is very heavy and the terrain semi-rough, a challenge to any hunter. We hunt Coues and Desert Mule deer on comfortable secure enclosed 18 foot high stands, stalking or on four wheel drive open vehicles. Exotics are also hunted by stalking or on vehicles, at the preference of the hunter.


From October to February all hunters should be prepared for cool conditions. Hunting can be done in light clothing. Our average daytime temperature is 68F. At night warm woollen gear is needed as temperatures get much colder after sunset. Check our weather. Personal equipment such as cameras and weapons are very much the choice of the individual. Rifles are available for use at no extra cost.

Tres Marías will arrange for all immigration and customs clearance. A representative will meet you at the airport and help you through customs. In order to get your gun transportation permit and hunting license we need to have in advance the following papers:
  • Signed hunting contract with your name, address and telephone number. Date of hunt and species to be hunted. Also a description and serial number of your guns. You are allowed two guns and 100 rounds of ammunition per gun.
  • Photocopy of valid passport. If you don’t have it, send a photocopy of your birth certificate and ID with picture.
  • Also when coming to México don’t forget to bring originals of proof of citizenship: Valid passport, birth certificate, voters registration card.


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